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When your friends sign up with your referral code,
you’ll both get KSh 300 in account
credits when they take their first ride.

Promote your driver,
simplify your life!
Watch us shower
you both with money!

Every time you refer a driver to MARAMOJA, you help him grow his
business, improve your ability to get a trusted ride when you need one,
and contribute to safer, more trustworthy transportation for Nairobi.
As a bonus, we’ll credit both of your accounts with some free love.


Order a taxi with one click. Select the best provider, watch his progress toward picking you, pay simply through the app.


MARAMOJA helps you find your favorite taxis, and a personalized fleet of back-up options, so you always have a closely trusted ride.


MARAMOJA brings drivers greater efficiency, driving their profits up and passing savings on to you. Compare our price to what the others charge.

Go only with
the trusted drivers

MM believes deeply in trust and choice. You should always feel good about the driver you ride with, and you should have choices.

  • Phone Book ContactsOur favourite drivers and closest friends on whom we rely.
  • Facebook friendsFinally a good use for all those facebook friends.
  • Twitter rejoiceMoving #KOT, trusted all the way
  • Even google plus!Yup, for all you G+ fanatics out there
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Location tracking

Tired of wondering where your driver is when he tells you he’s “just there”? See driver locations and estimated arrival times up front, track your driver’s progress as he comes to you.

Track your driver's progress
as he comes to you.
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No cash, no problem. Pay by mobile money or credit card with no extra fees. Cash is uber-welcome too.

Simple Pricing

65 KSh per kilometer, 250 KSh minimum fare. No arguing, no haggling, no exceptions. Pay the same every time, day or night, rain or shine. Prices are based only on your origin and destination so you and your driver’s interests are the same – to get you there quickly and safely.

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